• This is the Level 2 Functional English course. It comprises of a 15 week Scheme of work including Lesson plans, resources and assessments. The scheme is split into 3 segments in accordance with the 3 parts of the Level 2 exam, in particular, Speaking and listening, Reading and Writing.
    There is an emphasis on work and employment throughout the scheme of work linking to the 5 employment ticks and to prepare students for their next steps and journey into work.
  • A Functional English, Entry level two,15 week course. This SoW can be differentiated to entry level 1.
  • This is the current English Entry scheme of work. It is still being worked on and finalised, but please use this is the base document for Entry English from now on. Lesson plans are in the process of being added.
  • This is the current English Level One scheme of work. It is blocked into 3 units of 5 lessons, each ending with a student assessment.